Four Days in Rome, Italy Trip Itinerary: Day One

Colosseum, Rome, Italy

“All roads lead to Rome…” Such a great sentiment and so true to life! One can never call him/her a true traveler without visiting Rome! And it’s not that much about its historical and cultural heritage, but about Italian experience in general. Rome is probably one of the most visited cities in Europe if not in the whole world and it has been talked about so much and maybe even too much. But trust me, even if Rome appears to you as something routine, you will never regret visiting it at least once in your life! Continue reading


Things to Do in Tossa De Mar, Spain: Eating out, Entertainment

Spain Tossa de Mar

Tossa de Mar is a wonderful little town to the north from Barcelona on Costa Brava coastline. It is indeed difficult to describe with words how heavenly beautiful this place really is. It is quiet, but lively, both a historical sight and a perfect sea resort! So if you have chosen to stay here, you are perfectly my kind 🙂

So, with all its beauty and calmness Tossa de Mar has also got lots of things to offer to its visitors starting from Roman ruins up to sunny and picturesque beaches!
Let’s start from the very beginning. Continue reading

Three Days in Barcelona Trip Itinerary: Day Three

Barcelona beach three days in barcelona

Barcelona, just like most of the European capital cities, has lots of things to see and do and seems like three days won’t be enough to absorb all the beauty and information you come across. But as a matter of fact 3 days are well enough to visit all must-see attractions and eventually fall in love with this beautiful city! Your first two days in Barcelona already put you into the mood, so let’s move on to your 3rd and last day. Continue reading

Three Days in Barcelona Trip Itinerary: Day One

barcelona la rabla monument colombusThree days in Barcelona is actually a near-perfect time frame to explore the city, visit all of those must-see attractions and get a sense of what the city of Barcelona is like. But again if you want to experience the capital of Catalunya in detail and on a slower pace I would definitely advise you to spend at least 5 days in Barcelona.

So what is the ideal trip itinerary if you have only 3 days to spend in this extraordinary city but want to absorb as much fun and beauty as you can? Here’s what! Continue reading

City Personas: Rome, Florence, Milan

Florence, Firenze, Italy

I think every city in the world has its unique persona with all the complimenting attributes, like age, gender, interests, etc. This persona comes from ages and is shaped by his/her own history or better to say life. This personas are like vampires the way they appear in books and movies. They freeze in certain age and never grow up, they never die (unless some special treatment is applied 😉 ) and they are absolutely beautiful, attractive for common people. I know this sounds strange, but that’s what comes to my mind right now. Continue reading