Travlnook – Trip Itineraries and Travel Guides

Hey everyone!

I am so happy to announce that finally we’ve launched an official website for Travlnook!

This is going to be a blog where we will share trip itineraries, travel plans, traveler tips and advice for cities that we have traveled to, so that the information is from the very source and true-to-life. We are also planning lots of other smart travel stuff to bring to you guys in coming future. So stay tuned and keep on traveling with Travlnook!



London Travel Tips: Transport and Food Prices, Attractions and More

big ben and houses of parliament london

London is probably one of the most want-to-visit cities in the whole Europe and it also is known to be one of the most expensive cities in terms of both traveling and living. But it seems like the myths about high prices do not hold back the tons of tourists that are coming to London every year, every month, regardless of weather conditions. Why? Because London has some magical or better to say royal feel in the air, that makes you fall in love with this incredible city and country once and forever. I hardly can describe the whole idea of the “royal feel”, but I am 100% sure you will know what I am saying as soon as you arrive in London!

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City Personas: Rome, Florence, Milan

Florence, Firenze, Italy

I think every city in the world has its unique persona with all the complimenting attributes, like age, gender, interests, etc. This persona comes from ages and is shaped by his/her own history or better to say life. This personas are like vampires the way they appear in books and movies. They freeze in certain age and never grow up, they never die (unless some special treatment is applied 😉 ) and they are absolutely beautiful, attractive for common people. I know this sounds strange, but that’s what comes to my mind right now. Continue reading