3 Days in London, UK Trip Itinerary: Day 3


London is a place where anyone can find something to fall in love with and 3 days are surely not enough to see all of it. However, after your first visit I am sure you will find a way to come back and explore London, as well as other British cities like Oxford and Bath, so let’s pass on to the final part of your 3 day London trip itinerary.

#1 Exploring city center – Oxford Street

Start your day with a walking tour of London city center, maybe indulge yourself with some shopping in the numerous brand boutiques on Oxford street. Or alternatively you can choose to visit the famous Harrods store for some fine British shopping experience.

#2 St.Paul’s Cathedral

London’s most beautiful and renowned cathedral sits on the highest point of the city. If you like religious historical sights, then you will probably love to visit this cathedral. The entrance fee is £16.50, opening times and other details can be found on www.stpauls.co.uk.

#3 Regent’s Park

This is one of the most beautiful parks in London. It is a royal park that hosts an open air theatre, London zoo and a boating lake, so there’s plenty to see and do here, or simply lay on the green and relax for a while.

#4 Shakespeare’s Globe -or- Sherlock Holmes Museum -or- Victoria and Albert Museum -or- Madame Tussauds

These four sights are equally interesting and remarkable for me, but each of you has his/her preferences, so I thought you should be the one to choose this one. 🙂 Shakespeare’s Globe tour price is £13.50, Sherlock Holmes Museum ticket is £10, Victoria and Albert Museum is FREE and Madame Tussauds museum is £30.00.

# 5 Musical Night

The one thing that should absolutely be on your itinerary even if the rest of the activities get cut, is the musical!

Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy a truly amazing show with stunning vocal and play. Even if you are not that much into theatre, opera and musicals, I promise you won’t regret it. It will totally blow your mind! (…in a good way 🙂 ). I can personally recommend “Phantom of The Opera”, but the “Lion King” is said to be fantastic too.

This will be a beautiful and very impressive ending of your London trip. Have a memorable time, everyone!

P.S. If you would like to have a custom trip itinerary considering your hotel location, arrival and departure times, as well as your interests and preferences, please drop a comment below and I will personally help you out. 😉

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