3 Days in London, UK Trip Itinerary: Day 2

hyde park london

So we’re in London, baby! 🙂

Besides visiting major historical monuments and must-sees, you should also enjoy the many natural beauties located right in the center of the city. And if you’ve missed Day 1 of our London Trip Itinerary, make sure to read it first.

DAY 2 – True British Experience

#1 Morning walk in Hyde Park

Probably the most famous city park after NYC’s Central Park, this is a spectacular place worth spending an hour or so just walking around and enjoying the scenery. Regardless of the season, it looks stunning and is a perfect area to relax in between sightseeing or have a morning walk in fresh air.

#2 Buckingham Palace and Victoria Memorial

If you walk all the way along the Serpentine, you will find yourself at Hyde Park corner, from where you will easily get to the Buckingham Palace also passing through the Wellington Arch. The palace itself is very beautiful, yet the most interesting thing about it is the changing of the guards, which takes place daily (May 2014) starting at 11:15 am and ending at 12:00. You can check the official schedule for other months and dates at www.changing-the-guard.com.

Beside the palace there is a memorial statue of queen Victoria, also a nice spot to take photos.

#3 Tower Bridge

I suggest having a small snack or some coffee before moving on to our next stop: Tower Bridge and then Tower of London. You can consider taking a touristic bus from Buckingham Palace, most of the buses offer a discounted entry to the Tower and it’s also a nice solution to both see most of the city (which otherwise you won’t manage to see because of limited time and energy) and get to the other end of the city comfortably. The 24-hour bus tour price is  £29.00, more details about tour routes and discounts on www.theoriginaltour.com.

Okay, so Tower Bridge is another iconic London sight and you just have to go and cross it 🙂 . As for the Tower Bridge museum, according to Tripadvisor reviews and to my personal opinion, visiting it is not worthwhile.

#4 The Tower of London

This is a very interesting historical sight, with lots of interesting exhibits and, I know ladies will love this, the Queen’s jewels, including the Sovereign’s Sceptre and the Crown of Queen Elizabeth! The ticket price for adults is £22.00, find out more on opening times and other rates here.

#5 Thames Boat Trip and Dinner in the City

The bets way to get back to the city center from the Tower is to catch a boat and enjoy the evening lights on a short Thames river cruise. And as a final activity of the day I suggest having dinner in any of the city restaurants or if you want something more remarkable, try visiting Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen for British fine dining experience.

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