Two Days in Florence, Italy Trip Itinerary

Ponte Vecchio Florence

After visiting Rome, Florence will seem a too small city which you can walk around in just one day. But if you have a closer look you will see a whole new world, completely different from Rome by its views and feels. It’s good to have time to see it all in details but usually vacations are not endless and if you have spared only 2 days for this magical city, than let’s enjoy them to the full!

Day 1: The Fall-Colored City

#1 Santa Maria Novella

Santa Maria Novella

Right next to the train station where you will probably arrive to, is the stunning basilica de Santa Maria Novella. The building is made in a design theme similar to the famous Duomo and it’s a nice point to start exploring Florence. The entrance is € 5.

#2 Basilica San Lorenzo, Medici Chapels

San Lorenzo Florence

One of the many basilicas that have claim to be the oldest in Florence, yet a beautiful place to stop and explore. The entrance fee is €4,5 for the church of San Lorenzo and an additional € 6 for the museum of Medici Chapels.

#3 Piazza della Signoria and Palazzo Vecchio

Piazza della Signoria Palazzo VecchioFrom Basilica San Lorenzo you can walk down to this beautiful square, enjoy the historical views, have a true italian meal in one of the many cafes and restaurants around here and then go up the Vecchio tower to have breathtaking views of Florence for just  € 6. You can also visit the museum inside the palace, which is another  € 12.

# 4 Uffizi Gallery

uffizi gallery

One of the oldest and most famous art galleries in the entire world: Uffizi Gallery is a definite must see in Florence. It is worth booking your tickets in advance to avoid queues, which are usually huge. There are different ticket prices over the web, the lowest fare I found was € 6-6,5 plus €4 for reservation processing, so I think it’s better to call (+39 055 2388651-652) the gallery administration and check for a solution with them.

# Ponte Vecchio. The Old Bridge.

Ponte Vecchio Florence

From Uffizi square you will easily get to the Old Brigde, one of the iconic places of Florence. The bridge itself is very beautiful with colorful dwellings, which are actually boutiques and shops selling mainly jewelry and other souvenirs. Walk across the Ponte Vecchio and enjoy the evening views of this medieval Italian “kingdom”.

Come back again to read the Day 2 in Florence Itinerary.


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