Four Days in Rome, Italy Trip Itinerary: Day Two and Three

San Giovanno in Laterano

It’s my second post of the “Four days in Rome, Italy Trip Itinerary” series. If you have missed the fun of Day One, make sure to read it first. Here’s what we’ve got for the second and third days in the magnificent city of Rome.


#1 San Giovanni in Laterano. This is also one of my favorite basilicas in whole Rome! This building is magnificent, let alone those beautiful enormous marble statues all over the place. Spectacular!

#2 River Tiber and Castel San Angelo.

river tiber rome italy

Walk along the Tiber and after crossing it visit the egg-shaped Castel San Angelo. The tickets are 10,5 EUR per person.

#3 Trastevere Neighborhood and Santa Maria en Trastevere. After crossing Tiber you will get to Trastevere neighborhood, with lots of colorful narrow street and true Italian experience. Here you can also visit the church of Santa Maria en Trastevere.


#1 Holy See, Vatican

Sistine Chapel Vatican Rome Italy

For your third day in Rome I suggest leaving Rome and visiting a tiny beautiful country: Vatican… The most convenient way to get here from Rome is either by metro or by the touristic bus. One thing is clear; as a first-timer don’t even think about visiting Vatican on your own. This will cost you too much time and energy and will leave you with nearly half the information you could get with a guide. So be open for tour guide offers, but make sure to compare prices before getting into “tour-traps”. Be prepared to pay about 70-80 EUR per person for a full tour through Vatican museums, Sistine Chapel, Basilica di San Pietro.

#2 Trevi Fountain.

Trevi Fountain Rome Italy

The visit to Vatican will busy most of your day, but you will still have a whole evening to stroll around Rome without much hurry and visit the Trevi Fountain, which is absolutely stunning in the evening. You can even bring a bottle of fine wine and lounge nearby and simply enjoy the view.

Make sure to have a good night’s sleep before starting your fourth and last day in Rome.


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