Four Days in Rome, Italy Trip Itinerary: Day Four

spanish steps rome italy

It already seems like 4 days are not enough for Rome, right? In fact even 10 days won’t be enough to get satisfied and leave, so don’t you worry dear reader.

If you have missed my previous two posts on Day 1 and Day 2 & 3, you can go through them now.

So it’s you last day in Rome. But I promise it to be an unforgettable one!


#1 Spanish Steps. One of the most romantic spots in Rome is the Piazza de Spagna or the same Spanish Steps, there’s also a cute little fountain down the steps.

#2 Piazza del Popolo and Basilica Santa Maria del Popolo. Another church worth a special mention – Santa Maria del Popolo, as featured in Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons.

#3 Pantheon. Another important historical sight, which is by the way free to enter. You can read a bit about it before visiting, so that you do need to hire a guide.

#4 Piazza Navona.

Piazza navona rome italy

If you start thinking this itinerary is too full and decide to skip a few spots, please let it not be this one! Piazza Navona is hard to describe with words, it has everything you need to truly experience Rome; lots of street artists, small colorful cafes, huge fountains with marble statues, flower boutiques…

#5 Campo dei Fiori. Near Piazza Navona is the famous flower market – Campo dei Fiori, which actually a big market with more than just flowers. Lots of leather staff, souvenirs, everything to spice up your final hours in this beautiful city.

That’s it. Now you have seen Rome as much as it is possible to see in 4 days. And I bet you will come back here again and again whenever you can, because you know “All roads lead to Rome…” 🙂

Have an unforgettable ITALIANO experience! Ciao!


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