Things to Do in Tossa De Mar, Spain: Eating out, Entertainment

Spain Tossa de Mar

Tossa de Mar is a wonderful little town to the north from Barcelona on Costa Brava coastline. It is indeed difficult to describe with words how heavenly beautiful this place really is. It is quiet, but lively, both a historical sight and a perfect sea resort! So if you have chosen to stay here, you are perfectly my kind 🙂

So, with all its beauty and calmness Tossa de Mar has also got lots of things to offer to its visitors starting from Roman ruins up to sunny and picturesque beaches!
Let’s start from the very beginning.

How to get to Tossa de Mar from Barcelona ?
Assuming that no tourist can come to Tossa de Mar without previously visiting Barcelona, let’s first see how these two spots connect. From Barcelona the easiest way to get to Tossa de Mar is by taking a SARFA bus from Estacio del Nord in Barcelona, which will cost you € 12 and will take you to Tossa in about 1 hour and a half.
However if you are trying to get to Tossa de Mar directly from other corners of Catalunya, you can still try searching SARFA BUS website for other options.

Arriving to Tossa de Mar
Tossa de Mar has one and only bus station right at the “entrance” to the town. But don’t be worried, because one of the many advantages of Tossa is that everything, including hotels and beaches, are in walking distance from the bus station. There are enough signs on the streets to get you to your hotel in 10 minutes. If even this is not enough, than I would advise getting a Google Map with internet access and it’ll get you going anywhere anytime.

Eating out in Tossa de Mar
If you have been in Spain previously you already know how generous are the portions in spanish cafes and restaurants and how cheap are they compared to say Italy. Tossa de Mar is not an exception. There are lots and lots of cafes and restaurants in Tossa, so you can try one at a time. They range from € 10-20 per person per meal (generally a Menu del Dia). Particularly good are the cafes right behind the main beach offering a nice steak, fries and veggies for just € 9-10. You can also have a glass of a good house wine, a coke or a bottle of beer at €3-5.
All the cafes and restaurants are open up to 1-2 am at night and it’s definitely worth having a nice late dinner beside the sea.

Supermarkets and Pharmacies in Tossa de Mar
Tossa de Mar has a few good supermarkets with absolutely anything one would need on a vacation; regular supermarket goods, souvenirs, beach staff (parasols/umbrellas, beach games, swimsuits, etc), everything! One of these supermarkets is a 150 meters down the road from the bus stop, a smaller one is right in the center of the town. There are also small shops, offering basic assortment of goods, as well as fruits, drinks, etc.
Pharmacies cannot be found in every corner like in major cities, but still there is a good one in the center, but note, that it isn’t working 24hours.

Entertainment in Tossa de Mar
First of all you should know that Tossa de Mar is more of a family-oriented resort and you won’t find night clubs and bars all over the place. However there are plenty of things to get entertained throughout your stay. There are lots of shops and boutiques, including clothing, accessories, jewelry, souvenirs, etc.
Other than that there is a small bowling place in the city and a few gaming machines in a cafe near the main beach.
During the day you can also enjoy snorkelling, diving activities which are very common in Tossa de Mar. There is a diving school for non professionals near the Mar Menuda beach. Beach activities also include boat trips and parties, which we will discuss in te coming post about beaches of Tossa de Mar.
And again if you guys have other questions about eating out and entertainment in Tossa de Mar, comment below!


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