Three Days in Barcelona Trip Itinerary: Day Three

Barcelona beach three days in barcelona

Barcelona, just like most of the European capital cities, has lots of things to see and do and seems like three days won’t be enough to absorb all the beauty and information you come across. But as a matter of fact 3 days are well enough to visit all must-see attractions and eventually fall in love with this beautiful city! Your first two days in Barcelona already put you into the mood, so let’s move on to your 3rd and last day.

#1 Spanish Village (Poble Espanyol)

Start your day with a nice journey through various regions of Spain in one single place: Poble Espanyol. You will see beautiful buildings, squares and narrow streets of Andalusia, Galicia, Basque region and of course Catalunya. There are lots of shops and studios where you can buy souvenirs and hand made gifts. Make sure to visit the glass-maker’s studio, it’s quite entertaining to watch how the beautiful glass vases are made.

This journey will cost you € 11.

#2 Montjuic Castle

From Poble Espanyol you can walk or take a bus to our next stop: Montjuic castle. Nearby is also the Montjuic Park, which you can stroll around if you have time. But Montjuic Castle is a definite must see. I would recommend taking the Montjuic Teleferic cable car to get to the castle, which is € 7.3 one way and € 10.3 return ticket. The entrance to the castle is free. It stands high above the city and gives you stunning views of Barcelona port. There is a cafe near the castle, where you can have a rest afterwards.

#3 Cable Car Ride Over the Sea

This point is actually more of a tip. Do not miss a chance to “fly” over the sea right to the Barcelona beach on a cable car. When you get back from Monjuic Castle walk about 200 meter down the same road and you will see another Teleferic office. Ticket prices are the same as above. But this journey is completely different and will make your heart beat faster!

#4 Barcelona Beach

After so much walking and seeing historic sights and beauties, the breathtaking view of the sea will be like a soothing cream for both your mind and body. You can lounge on the beach and enjoy the sound of the waves splashing onto the sand or even jump right into the water if you have swimsuits with you. P.S. Be prepared for lots of topless sunbathers on Barcelona beach and watch your guys 😉

#5 Barcelona Aquarium

The very last but not least – Barcelona Aquarium, is also a must see, mostly for the “shark tunnel”, which is totally insane. The ticket is € 19.

These are the must-sees for 3 days in Barcelona. But, if you still have time and energy at the end of the day I would suggest walking over to Placa de Espanya (Spanish Square) and enjoy the final Catalonian show “Magic Fountains”. This will be a brilliant end of your trip!

Dear readers, if you have any other questions regarding Barcelona (transportation, costs, restaurants, etc) please do not hesitate to contact me via comments!

Hope you enjoy your trip … y Benvinguts a Barcelona!


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