City Personas: Rome, Florence, Milan

Florence, Firenze, Italy

I think every city in the world has its unique persona with all the complimenting attributes, like age, gender, interests, etc. This persona comes from ages and is shaped by his/her own history or better to say life. This personas are like vampires the way they appear in books and movies. They freeze in certain age and never grow up, they never die (unless some special treatment is applied 😉 ) and they are absolutely beautiful, attractive for common people. I know this sounds strange, but that’s what comes to my mind right now.

Let’s think of Rome first. What do you think Rome looks like as a persona?

To me Rome appears as a man of 40-45. A man with a character, charismatic and irresistibly handsome. He’s seen a lot in his life but he is still overly optimistic with a crooked smile on his face. And he is single but always in the company of the hottest women on earth! That’s Rome to me 🙂

For Florence, I imagine a young lady of 18, a bit like Shakespeare’s Juliet, stuck somewhere in the 19th century, a romantic, adorable creature.

Milan…Oh she’s a woman! She’s after rich guys, who treat her like a queen and she definitely deserves it!

Italy is probably one of those few countries that can survive even only on behalf of the endless flow of tourists. I wish everyone to have an opportunity to “experience” Italy. It is so diverse and so endlessly interesting that anyone will find something special for him/her.


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