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Hey everyone!

I am so happy to announce that finally we’ve launched an official website for Travlnook!

This is going to be a blog where we will share trip itineraries, travel plans, traveler tips and advice for cities that we have traveled to, so that the information is from the very source and true-to-life. We are also planning lots of other smart travel stuff to bring to you guys in coming future. So stay tuned and keep on traveling with Travlnook!



3 Days in London, UK Trip Itinerary: Day 3


London is a place where anyone can find something to fall in love with and 3 days are surely not enough to see all of it. However, after your first visit I am sure you will find a way to come back and explore London, as well as other British cities like Oxford and Bath, so let’s pass on to the final part of your 3 day London trip itinerary. Continue reading

3 Days in London, UK Trip Itinerary: Day 1

I can speak about London for very long and there will still be that much to say. This city is something completely different from any other European capital.

It is  difficult to describe with words, but just the way I said in the previous traveler tips article for London “…London has some magical or better to say royal feel in the air, that makes you fall in love with this incredible city and country once and forever…” So if you are still deciding whether or not to visit the capital city of United Kingdom, hesitate no more, you will be more than delighted for your choice! 🙂 Continue reading

22 Things to Do in Rome : The Bucket List

Roman Colosseum

Rome… One of the most visited cities in the world and yet if you ask any of those millions of visitors I am sure they would love to return to Rome again and again. There are so many things to see and do in Rome that for a first-timer it may even seem a little bit overwhelming, so a well planned Rome trip itinerary will come in handy when traveling to this magnificent city. Continue reading

London Travel Tips: Transport and Food Prices, Attractions and More

big ben and houses of parliament london

London is probably one of the most want-to-visit cities in the whole Europe and it also is known to be one of the most expensive cities in terms of both traveling and living. But it seems like the myths about high prices do not hold back the tons of tourists that are coming to London every year, every month, regardless of weather conditions. Why? Because London has some magical or better to say royal feel in the air, that makes you fall in love with this incredible city and country once and forever. I hardly can describe the whole idea of the “royal feel”, but I am 100% sure you will know what I am saying as soon as you arrive in London!

Continue reading

Two Days in Florence, Italy Trip Itinerary

Ponte Vecchio Florence

After visiting Rome, Florence will seem a too small city which you can walk around in just one day. But if you have a closer look you will see a whole new world, completely different from Rome by its views and feels. It’s good to have time to see it all in details but usually vacations are not endless and if you have spared only 2 days for this magical city, than let’s enjoy them to the full! Continue reading